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1.6 Default CT Player Remix

Название файла 1.6 Default CT Player Remix 5 из 5 на основе 2 оценок
Размер файла 38,28 мегабайт (Предпологаемое время загрузки)
Просмотров 3932
Скачиваний 458
Загружено 4.2.2010, 12:50
Обновлен 4.2.2010, 12:50
Тип файла Тип файла (rar - application/rar)
Загрузил AdaM-F
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To simplify the completion of my 1.6 player overhaul, I've gone ahead and put together a massive pack for easier compilation. Also, I went back and corrected problems with the animations in the earlier models: GSG9 - Nightstalker. Those of you looking for new textures, don't get excited. This is just a pack of all my previous CT remixes to be properly joined.

With that being said, here's what's included:

- Urban Remix: Navy Seal Operator
- SAS: Nightstalker Unit
- GIGN: Elite
- GSG9: Default Remix
- custom AND default/Valve animations
- high poly textures and models
- custom matching defusal kit
- alternate kneepad and glove textures for certain classes
- three selections of grenade faces

A little more information about the animations; there's a choice between custom and default animations. Custom animations include alternate idle positions, along with some new death animations as well.

PROPER INSTALLATION: To properly download these skins, you must extract the selected files into the correctly designated folders. You must extract the files, or the skins will not work AT ALL.

NOTICE: You may NOT use any of these model's textures for re-skins, re-colors, etc.
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