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CS world in conflict beta pt1

Название файла CS world in conflict beta pt1 5 из 5 на основе 1 оценок
Размер файла 27,48 мегабайт (Предпологаемое время загрузки)
Просмотров 3981
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Загружено 11.1.2010, 10:40
Обновлен 11.1.2010, 10:40
Тип файла Тип файла (rar - application/rar)
Загрузил Myma
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Author's Readme/Notes:

A lot of people keeps aking me about my mod, and others want me to make a new skin pack, so here you got my cs world in conflict beta stuffs, the pt1 at least, most of this will be enhanced or replaced for the final release; this first part comes with players, vguis, decals, maintheme issues, new descriptions for players, sounds, and some other stuffs.

You tell me what I should replace, but the player sounds will be updated.

With this, change the combat between Ts and CTs, to Russia againts US

This mod will be like a full remake pack, kinda similar to the source inspirat, but way, way! better!

In the pack there are three backgrounds to choose, I know that one of the russian ones is wrong cuz of the guns, they´re not used by russians, I didn´t know it in those days, but soon, I´ll update it.

If there is something wrong, or missing, tell me
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