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Glock 18c on -WildBill- anims

Название файла Glock 18c on -WildBill- anims 4 из 5 на основе 1 оценок
Размер файла 9.8 мегабайт (Предпологаемое время загрузки)
Просмотров 6267
Скачиваний 1842
Загружено 19.12.2009, 20:49
Обновлен 19.12.2009, 20:49
Тип файла Тип файла (rar - application/rar)
Загрузил Kim_Ice
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Here's the people who made the actual textures, models, anims and sounds
without these people this skin would have not ever been made
so i recommend that if you liked this skin you check out these people's work



Sounds:BadPrankster, Futon, & various others


The idea of this whole compile came to me when i saw -WildBill-'s new animations
i was so eager to try those animations out ingame, and they didn't disapoint me
but then my old thoughts of how special forces should use glocks as their secondary weapon and the fact that i love glocks ( biggrin.gif ) made me want to make a compile using those animations on a glock for the usp
i couldn't have found a better model to use rather than bullet head's model and kimono's skin gave it that extra detail it needed, i kept the same sounds from the original release because i couldn't really find anything else to fit in for it tongue.gif

there you go guys, a fresh skin with the best anims for the usp in CS:S so far tongue.gif

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