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I really liked the desert part in bhop_exodus by aoki, so I decided to make a new bhop map based on that style. tongue.gif Yeah and I'm total newbie in map making :/.

I have no idea how to make 3D skyboxes, so this one really sux.

Difficulty is around easy to middle. Although if you can't bhop you won't be able to finish it (without scripts :X).

The map also contains few songs. If you dont like them just turn off the sound (volume 0) ;D.

If you manage to find any bug, please don't contact me, i don't really care. :X

Mp bhops used on all bhop/xc blocks!

Mapping time was around 20 hrs, because I was also learning to map at the same time -.^

And yeah, I know i could make all the mp3s in worse quality to make the file smaller..

Well that's all i guess.. If you actually decided to download this crappy map : Have fun wink.gif.
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