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Ссылка на Сообщение #1 сообщение 3.1.2010, 13:08

KAMIKAZE AWP Gold Platinum White
Well... Another "Gold Skin" huh?
I would say: This skin is different than the other!
(The white base is made by Sarqune but it is deleted...)

It has some features:
Sound (by xLongWayHome here)
Scope (by Me)
BuyIcon (by Me)

And for sure: a view and a world model!

The scope can be seperatly downloaded Here (scroll down please)

Where/How to install:
You just have to extract the archive into the following folder:
*\Steam\SteamApps\yourname\counter-strike source\cstrike
(This can be used for GMod, too, but you have to extract it into your gmod folder.)
The * marks the folder, the source game is contained in.

I hope you like it.
Have fun with it!

Название файла: KAMIKAZE AWP Rich
Загрузил: BupTyo3
Загружено: 3 Jan 2010
Раздел: Awp
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