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Jail Break

Jail Break - террористы играют роль заключенных, а контры играют роль Security в тюрьме.


Группа: <Server Admin>
Ссылка на Сообщение #1 сообщение 2.8.2011, 16:54
Jail  карты  для CS - jail_rehab

This map has:
28 Terrorist Spawnpoints
8 Counter-Terrorist Spawnpoints
Weapon machines
A football field with socerjam and normal football
Six human racing tracks
Two obstacle racing tracks
A KZ race for two players
A trampoline
A cafeteria with healing food
A freezer
A swimming-pool with a big waterslide
Please notice

If you installed a soccerjam plugin on your server you may remove the ordinary football (a func_pushable). If you don't have such a plugin then you don't need to do anything.
Known Errors/Bugs

I noticed two problems after releasing the final version. They are minor visual problems and have no impact on gameplay. - 2 false texture alignments - Above the cell opening button the word "CELLS" is missing
Changes in the final version
Readded two beds in two cells (were removed due to an error in the clipping hull)
Changed texture of one food machine in cafeteria

Скачать (1.42 мегабайт)
Название файла: jail_rehab
Загрузил: Priboi
Загружено: 2 Aug 2011
Раздел: Jail карты для CS
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