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SCOUT карты для Counter Strike Source

SCOUT карты для Counter Strike Source (Scout Sniper War) - видимо, то же самое что и AWP, только на мухах


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SCOUT  карты CSS - temple_of_the_scout_fun


This is the fun version, a hardcore sniper version will be out next. I built this as a test of exactly how big could I make an outdoor environment with sdk(correctly) and still have stability in an mp environment ( I hit 62000 for you who know what i speak of, I believe 65000-68000 is max). There are teleporters, health machines and a huge skybox for you low grav fans. Sorry about the light map but the file got to be to big (30 mb) and this is not functional in hdr, to big again, fill rate issues.

Have fun,


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Название файла: temple_of_the_scout_fun
Загрузил: Kim_Ice
Загружено: 14 Jan 2011
Раздел: SCOUT карты CSS
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