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SCOUT карты для Counter Strike Source

SCOUT карты для Counter Strike Source (Scout Sniper War) - видимо, то же самое что и AWP, только на мухах


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SCOUT  карты CSS - scoutznades

Scoutznades: A modifed version of scoutzknives

made by: -=(TD)=- Drz. Rootbeerz This map is restricted to changes or modifications in ANY manner.

Overview: You are set up in a little arena with a scout, a grenade, and a knife. Be the team to wipe the other side out to win.

CTs: Kill the terrorist

Terrorist: Kill the Cts

Tips: Use highground for your advantage.

Fun Gameplay: sv_gravity set to 150 so you can reach higher ground.

Credits: Creater and mapper of scoutznades: -=(TD)=- Drz Rootbeerz The Idea was brought up by -=(TD)=- SyPHER for a request


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Название файла: scoutznades
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Загружено: 13 Jan 2011
Раздел: SCOUT карты CSS
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