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DM карты для Counter Strike Source

DM карты для Counter Strike Source (Deathmatch) - карты для модификации Deathmatch Mod (CSDM). Простые карты, на которых минимум внешнего реализма, но много адреналина. Игра на таких картах быстротечна. В этом виде карт две команды соревнуются не за бомбы или заложников, а за фраги. Некоторые карты имеют разделение на команды, на некоторых каждый сам за себя.


Группа: <Server Admin>
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DM  карты CSS - dm_metalgrid

Medium sized CS:S Deathmatch map that takes place...somewhere...even I'm not sure. Stay away from the middle unless your good or dont mind a slaughterfest. The outer "ring" is a little more sane.
Reccomended for 20-24 players but supports 40.

Note, there has been some complaining about "lack of detail" in the map...my answer: shutup and keep fragging. If you want a pretty map...well im working on another one right now.

SERVER ADMINS: download the zip that is provided at ]]>]]>http://game-advance.net]]>]]> (my website), because this file on is for regular players, not dedicated servers.

PS: If you want to make an installer like this for your map, check the "NSIS Scripts" component while installing the map, i follow an open-source philosophy with my Source maps, so i include the map .vmf and everything else that is used to make the finished product.

Have fun.

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Название файла: dm_metalgrid
Загрузил: Neo_Vlad
Загружено: 1 Nov 2010
Раздел: DM карты CSS
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