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deathrun mappack 2008

Бабло победит зло!
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deathrun mappack 2008

Deathrun MapPack 2008

This is a compilation of a select few deathrun maps. I made this due to the numerous questions to make a list of deathrun maps that should be on their server.

This is mainly for starting out deathrun servers and don't know which are server material or not, or just don't have the time to get them all.

If your map is NOT on here, it does NOT mean it's bad in any way, shape or form =D

This is only to help server and everyone is properly credited, please don't get mad if you map is not on here.

Maps and authors

-Deathrun_trilogy by -[Element]-

-Deathrun_sections_fix by -[Element]-

-Deathrun_tp_percolate_oreo by Loller Dan

-Dtka_deathrun_impossible by Corn Ibulus

-Deathrun_fervor_ease by Corn Ibulus

-Dr_ramesses_revenge_v2 by Riddler

-Dr_fufu_v6 by Klfufu (sorry if that's wrong)

-Death_run_pro_final2 by DoomChip

-Death_run by Icepick (It's a classic!)

-Deathrun_warehouse_final by Solid_snake

-Deathrun_solidsnake_fixed_a by Solid_snake

-Dr_suffering_b3 by Zak

-Deathrun_lb_impossible_final_fix1 by Leechbox

-Deathrun_underfire_final by Puni

-Deathrun_gyro by Hink

EDIT** Theres been a lot of confusion about the map pack, I made this ONLY for starting up servers, to know where to start, not to prove anything in anyway.


No more bugging me! This is it =D

Hope this helps servers starting up.


Название файла: deathrun mappack 2008
Загрузил: Myma
Загружено: 27 Jun 2010
Раздел: Паки и прочие
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