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Stalker spetnaz look a like

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Загружено 4.2.2010, 12:25
Обновлен 4.2.2010, 12:25
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Загрузил AdaM-F
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This is a pack of spetnaz with the look from stalker ovlivion lost, these are look a like, that means, they´re not a port, just a replic.

With the help of ddrag0n, I make this. He hacked a model, he gave me some advices, and he made the vest and camo textures for me, I edited them, fixing several bugs at first, I did the other textures, nad I did the vgui images for all, there are also my sounds for the hud and the players. The helm is not non detailed, is just the bad quality of the pics what makes it looks flat

We hope you like it. ddrag0n and I really worked well on this.

ddrag0n! you worked pretty much on this too, so it would we dumb if you don´t rate your own work with 10!.

I already used these models in other releases

Thanks to all the other autors and ddrag0n for their models
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